How to use RFID technology for brand clothing to gain benefits?

Date : September 8, 2023 | Time : 7:13 am


RFID technology is a new automatic identification technology that transforms the product production, inventory, logistics distribution and product sales management mode again after barcode technology, and is the extension and expansion of the application of barcode technology. Brand clothing industry is currently more suitable for the application of RFID technology due to its characteristics.

Let’s see how brand clothing can benefit from RFID technology. Clothing products are a kind of fashion products. Many factors, such as sales season, sales location, consumer taste, fashion trend, product price, etc., will affect the sales volume of products. Therefore, real-time tracking of sales status is a very important management content for garment enterprises.

At present, many brands of clothing are stocked and stocked by scanning the bar code on the tag. The bar code has the advantages of low cost and simple operation, but the bar code identification process also has some inherent disadvantages, such as the poor penetration of the bar code identification process, which must be sensed within a very small distance. The bar code identification process cannot be read in batches, only one bar code can be read at a time; There are many misreads in the barcode recognition process, which is caused by the easy damage and destruction of the barcode printed on the paper medium. In addition, the information represented by the bar code itself is too simple to describe more characteristics of a certain garment. RFID does not have these problems. Because RFID uses the principle of radio frequency identification, it can work in a variety of harsh working environments, and can penetrate certain obstacles for identification, with good penetration; It can also identify goods in motion, and can identify in batches; RFID tags can also be rewritten repeatedly, and tags can be reused. Due to the large reading distance of RFID tags and the support for batch reading, clothing can be read in batches in the logistics link. In the warehousing link, the hand-held reader can be used to quickly count the information in the RFID tags on clothing goods, which can be quickly uploaded to the enterprise information system (such as ERP) for comprehensive management, and avoid possible errors in manual operation.

In short, if the brand clothing enterprises can use RFID technology in the purchase, sale and storage links and combine it with the modern enterprise information management system, then the enterprise will have a qualitative leap in the management cost control, the rational allocation of resources and the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise.

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