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RFID Solutions

From design to detection, our RFID solutions optimize inventory management of your business needs.

Sustainable Packaging

Environmentally friendly materials and practices, aligning with sustainability trends while

maintaining integrity.

Customized Designs

Personalized designs that communicate your brand identity and create recognition among customers.

Global Distribution

Worldwide distribution and reliable technical support for your packaging solutions, and customer satisfaction.

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Upgrade your business processes with our wholesale customized RFID labels.



Improve your business operations using our wholesale RFID tags.

RFID Stickers

Revolutionize your inventory management with our RFID stickers.



Explore our range of high-quality wholesale RFID seals.

Variable Data


Manufacturing all types of RFID variable data adhesives.

Variable Data

Care & Price

Offering a wide range of variable data products for care and price tickets.

Cooperative Brand

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At SNRFID, we are committed to bringing

you only the best!

Our capabilities are a testament to our dedication to innovation, excellence, and meeting the diverse needs of our clients. Our extensive range of expertise and resources empower us to RFID solutions that stand out in today’s competitive market.

Innovative Designs and Customization

Technical Expertise and Customer Support

Collaborative Partnership Approach

Custom Encoding Options

Real-time Tracking Solutions

Sustainability at the Forefront

At SNRFID, our passion for sustainability is deeply rooted in every operation, including our RFID products. Recognizing the global need for eco-conscious practices, we have integrated sustainability into our RFID tags. Our RFID technology not only revolutionizes inventory management but also aligns with our dedication to minimizing environmental impact.

From the materials we select to the design of our RFID tags, we prioritize eco-friendly options that reduce waste and promote responsible consumption.

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